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Nightmare or Hard mode?

Semirage, Mar 7, 12 10:21 AM.
Last week we headed back into Eternity Vault, though this time in Nightmare mode. Surprisingly though, things went kinda smooth. Other than the Pillars bugging out on us for the first in more than a month. This was however more our own fault for not clicking at the same time on both pillars, so we went back and quickly got it done.

By the time we got to SOA, we switched over to Hardmode. The main reason for this is because we all know how buggy SOA can be. It took us a while though, mostly trying some new tactics with the lightning balls. But we were finally able to get him down which was great for everyone.

With everything reseting yesterday. It was again time to go back into the Vault. Now, since we didnt see any major difference in Loot from Hardmode to Nightmare, We decided to just go ahead and do it on Hardmode. I mean, why should we have to work  harder, for no additional gain. Troggo was off to go watch SOCCER football (Of which I am personally not a big fan.. so flame on) and we were also one DPS short with Handuo being MIA.

Delph joined our main group for the evening as tank, and GateCrash as DPS. Thanks to both of you and hope you all had as much fun as we did, because to be honest, it seemed WAY to easy. We flew through the ops as if was an easy mode flashpoint. In just over 50 minutes we were standing in the Vault, staring SOA down with glee... That's where it all ended though. Bug after Bug plagued us for the next 2 hours. It started with SOA one shot killing me across the room during phase one which turned out to just be the beginning, Arres was thrown through all the floors to the bottom where we could buff us, but none of us could see him. Lightning balls refused to explode, or followed you around while SOA was throwing you around the room.

Our new DPS had to leave though just before 11pm (seems like a gunslinger thing :) ) so we decided to wait for Troggo. It took us almost an hour of begging and pleading though to convince him to join us on the last boss, and let me say we are all really grateful for the help. While we now went straight to the final phase, we were still having to deal with missing floor tiles, people being one shot killed, and SOA just being a pain in the ass. Then the worst bug of all hit us.. and we couldn't reset the instance. We reformed the group, and tried everything we could think of. Before giving up though, we decided to give it one last go, but this time on Nightmare mode.

Now I don't know if we all suddenly pulled our heads out our ass', or if it was because Etna promised if we kill him on Nightmare that he would change his name to Wienerschnitzel, but I don't think I have ever seen such a smooth run from us. We never had a single death, every lighting ball disappeared in a clean blast away from the group, and before we knew it.. SOA was laying dead at out feet.

Again a big well done to everyone, and I cant wait to see how we do at KP in Nightmare. Last nights run saw a lot of us get some final pieces needed to complete our Rakata sets, or get really close. So while I don't want to Jynx it.. I don't think he stands a chance

Karagga - Hardmode

Semirage, Feb 17, 12 6:31 AM.
After an initial mis-understanding with the raid times on our new website (we think we have it worked out now.... promise), we went into Karagga's Hardmode again last night. It took us a while, but we were finally able to down Bonethrasher Its a much more difficult fight than on normal mode, though good job to everyone.

Moving through the trash to Jarg and Sorno was much easier than expected after a few hours in the rancor pit. Though Jarg and Sorno were not. They brought their A game (and B, C, or was it D) along this time, forcing us to change all our tactics from normal mode (which to be honest, are pretty much just tank, run, duck, kill both at the same time)

The two now have a nasty de-buff, along with two carbonite driods that need to be taken, forcing us to switch our players around to bring in another tank. We were able to get the both down to about 10% with Troggo and Etna switching around, but fatigue finally got the best of us with players falling asleep on the go.

Its Arres' Birthday weekend, so we don't expect to do many OPS this weekend, but as per usual, if there are enough of you up for it, we might try pull it off. We wish him a wonderful day/weekend and hope he hung for long. Troggo is also trying to organise a Normal mode EV run, for those who missed Tuesdays run. Please though.. if you are interested, sign up early, or he will get a PUG going

Congrats though to everyone on adding another boss to our kill list

Eternity Vault, Normal and HM in one night.. almost

Semirage, Feb 15, 12 9:58 AM.
So last night saw us take some newer members along with us to Eternity vault (Normal Mode). I am happy to say that we were able to get to SOA in just under 55 minutes. This included explaining tactics to the some of the newer folks who had joined in. SOA bugged out on us a few times, but we were finally able to get him down in what was a rather smooth final run.

We then headed straight into Hard mode, when Troggo got back from watching football, and again proceeded straight through to SOA without a single problem or wipe.

We then called it a night for EV (since we were not in the mood to mess with a bugged SOA that late at night) and headed over to try Karraga's Palace on Hardmode. We had a few unfortunate wipes before people started getting really tired. Though I believe our new tactics and game plan will pay off soon enough. Everyone is starting to get the hang of it, and hopefully Thursday will see us past that ugly Rancor.

I think we can confidently say our core group now has EV on Farm status for both Normal and Hardmode (At least up to SOA), Next up.. nightmare

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Semirage, Feb 14, 12 8:47 AM.
Our website is now up and running, please all log in and register
Currently recruiting for OPS:
Gunslingers Apply
Vangaurd, Commando Apply
Karaggas Palace (Hard)
  Bonethrasher Down
  Foreman Crusher Down
  G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator Down
  Jarg and Sorno Down
  Karagga the Unyielding Down
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